Who to Contact at AVD Computer Services.

Who to contact at AVD Computer Services?

If any doubt use the group names sales@ and support@ combined with for UK market

For the sales department of Electro luminescent lamps please contact

AVD Computer Services Ltd
PO Box 5142, Reading, RG7 1ZQ
Tel 0118 988 7300 Fax 0118 988 7301
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The following is a partial list of key Staff giving their e-mail address and a brief description of their job functions. This should enable you to address any queries to the right person. If in any doubt use the group names Sales@ or Support@.
Direct Telephone & Fax numbers are given where appropriate.

Name Job Description e-mail address /
Telephone No. /
Fax No.

Accounts Assistant Accountant

+44 118 988 7300/
+44 118 988 7301
  Sales Administration
All Product Sales & Consumables
Colin Boorman Managing Director
Video, Colour, CD & Dot Matrix Printer sales

Support Product Repairs, Technical Support all Printers

EL Sales
Chris Mesnager Sales Manager Europe
Electro Luminence & Components

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