SEIKO Precision


SEIKO Precision is one of the founder members of the SEIKO group of companies. This group includes SEIKO, Seiko Instruments, SEIKO Clocks, SEIKO-Epson, Nippon Precision Circuits along with SEIKO Precision, formerly SEIKOSHA.

The company was formed in 1892 with 10 employees, and was formed to manufacture Clocks. Today some 6,000 people are employed. World leaders in Camera Shutters, Clocks, Computer Systems, Time Recorders, Electronic Devices, Printers, Printers & more Printers.

SEIKO Precision Gruop

SEIKO Group Companies

SEIKO Clock Inc..
SEIKO Precision Inc. Japan, (english Version)
Nippon Precision Circuits Inc
and Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII)

North American Offices:
SEIKO Corporation of America,
EPSON America Corp..,
Seiko Instruments USA Inc.,
SEIKO Communication