USB Data Link Cable

USB TO USB Data cable

USB Data Transfer Cable (USB to USB Link)

Connect two USB enabled PC's or MAC's for data exchange, and file transfer via USB port. Supports print function for remote files. MAC to MAC, MAC to PC or PC to PC.

Product Description

(PC to PC)

Product Features
  • USB (Universal Serial Bus) Rev. 1.1 compliant
  • File transfer between PC-PC or PC-MAC or MAC-MAC
  • High-speed data transfer rate at 6mbps
  • Standard Windows Explorer user interface
  • Supports power management, remote wake-up, and print functions for remote file
  • Suitable for mobile pc communication
  • Chip set : PL-2301

System Requirements

    Apple Computer
  • iMAC, G3, G4 or iBook with available USB port
  • MAC OS 8.5, OS 8.6, or OS 9.0

  • PC
  • IBM compatible 486DX4-100 MHz or higher
  • Available USB port
  • Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000