Canon Flatbed SCSI Scanner model FB-1200S



Introducing Canon’s 1200dpi SCSI flatbed scanner! The CanoScan FB1200S is a high performance 1200dpi scanner at a 600dpi cost. Using Canon’s Variable Refraction Optical System , this scanner provides true optical 1200dpi for best results, unlike other brands who rely on interpolation (software manipulation).

PC and Mac compatible, this high resolution SCSI interface flatbed features a scan button for ease of use. Integrated with Canon’s ScanGear Toolbox software, this button allows you to scan images or documents straight into applications, print, email or even fax at the touch of a button.

This flatbed appeals to the high quality imaging professional, and also to the graphics market.


  • True optical 1200dpi resolution
  • SCSI interface
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Scan button
  • 36-bit colour depth
  • Fully integrated software package
  • Dimensions: 291x452x94mm
  • Weight: 4.0kg approx.

Superb image quality

The CanoScan FB1200S produces high quality scans at 1200x1200dpi resolution (600dpi x2 with VAROS). An impressive 36-bit colour input (12-bit input for red, green and blue) gives accurate high quality colour recognition even when the image has both shadow and highlight details. With this type of specification, the CanoScan FB1200S attracts business and graphics users, as well as others who require the highest quality.

Fully integrated software package

Offering a complete out of the box solution, the CanoScan FB1200S comes with a fully integrated and updated software package for both PC and Macintosh. All the software you need to scan images, edit and retouch pictures, import text or make straightforward copies is included on one CD-ROM.

Using Canon’s ScanGear Toolbox software an image can be automatically scanned into an application, printed, emailed or even faxed, just by clicking on one of the buttons in the toolbox window, or by pressing the one-touch scanning button situated at the front of the scanner.

For use on a PC, the TWAIN driver acts as a stand alone scanning application or enables scanning directly into a variety of applications, allowing control over the size, resolution, and colour of your scan, plus a variety of other elements. The package also includes Adobe PhotoShop, a powerful image manipulation software, as well as OmniPage LE optical character recognition (OCR) software, allowing you to scan text directly into word processing programs. Finally, CanoCraft Copier acts as a photocopier on your desktop, allowing you to make full colour copies, enlarge or reduce, and print out in one operation.

For use on a Macintosh, the Plug-in Module CS-U 3.3 is provided, as well as Adobe PhotoDeluxe, a comprehensive imaging package from Adobe, the industry choice of the graphics market

Technical Specifications

Desktop Colour Flatbed

Scanning Element

CCD (3-line)

Light Source

Cold cathode fluorescent lamp

Optical Resolution

1200x1200dpi (600dpi x2 with VAROS)

Scanning Modes

One pass (2 with VAROS)

Sample Depth

36bit Input / 36bit or 30bit Output

Scanning Area

Maximum Reflective: 216 x 297mm
Maximum Transparent: 203.2 x 274mm


Time: 15sec (150dpi)

Scanning Speed

Colour: 8.16 msec / line (24-bit colour)
Greyscale: 2.72 msec / line
Black and White: 2.72 msec / line


4.0kg (8.8lbs) approx.

Power Consumption

Maximum: 35W (stand-by 12W or lower)


291 x 459 x 94mm

Operating System

Windows 95 / 98 / NT4.1
Mac OS 7.1 or later


SCSI I (50pin high density, 25pin D-sub)
Adaptec 2902 card included

Bundled Software

Adaptec AVA-2902 driver
ScanGear CS-S 4.3
ScanGear Toolbox CS 1.1
Adobe PhotoShop 5.0 LE
Caere’s OmniPage LE 5.1
Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0
Canon Plug-in module CS-S 3.6
CanoScan Toolbox CS 1.0.1
Adobe PhotoShop 5.0 LE
Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0

Additional Features

Scan button