PCI Firewire card Firewire 1394 Controller Cards

with ULead Software & Firewire Cable

Appealing to upgraders and system builders these cards are easy to install and can both extend the life of older PC's, or extend the capabilities of new System builds. With 3 Firewire ports, Firewire cable and Video Editing software, turn your PC into a Video Editing studio. All at a very competitive price. Connect Video camcorders, Firewire HDD's to really boost your system.

  1. Bus Interface : 32-bit PCI Bus

  2. Key Features :
    1. Chipset : Lucent PCI to Firewire IEEE1394.A controller chip
    2. Type : IEEE1394.A compliant OHCI specification V0.94
    3. Port : 2 x IEEE1394.A External Ports + 1 x IEEE1394.A Internal Ports
    4. Speed : Transfer data rates of 100, 200 and 400Mbits/sec.
    5. Interrupter : Plug and playl Bus : PCI Bus
    6. Supports Provisions of IEEE 1394-1995 Standard for High Performance Serial Bus and the P1394a Supplement 2.0.
    7. Full P1394a Supplement Support includes: * Arbitrated short reset, * Connection Debounce, * Multispeed Concatenation, * Ack Accelerated Arbitration, * Fly-By Concatenation, * Programmable Port Disable, Suspend, Resume, * PHY IDs Do Not Increment Past 63
    8. Provides Four 1394a Fully Compliant Cable Ports at 100/200/400 Megabits per Second (Mbit/s)
    9. Single 3.3 V power supply
    10. Logic Performs Bus Initialization and Arbitration Functions
    11. Encode and Decode Functions Included for Data-Strobe Bit-Level Encoding
    12. Incoming Data Resynchronized to Local Clock.
    13. Data Interface to Link-Layer Controller Provided Through 2/4/8 Parallel Lines at 49.152 MHz
    14. 24.576 MHZ Crystal Oscillator and PLL Provide TX/RX Data at 100/200/400 Mbps and Link-Layer Controller Clock at 49.152 MHZ.
    15. Cable Power Presence Monitoring.
    16. Programmable Node Power Class Information for System Power Management
    17. Embedded Bus Holder Isolation to Link Layer Controller Interface
    18. Optional On-chip Resistors to Reduce Component Counts for Electrical Isolation to Link Layer Controller Interface
    19. Fully Compliant P1394a 2.0 PHY Map
    20. Separate TPBIAS for Each Port
    21. Fully Interoperable with IEEE Std1394-1995 Devices
    22. Cable Ports Monitor Line Conditions for Active Connection to Remote Node
    23. Low Power Design for Battery-Powered Applications includes: User Controlled Power-Down via PD, Automatic Device Power-Down during All Ports Suspended and Link Interface Disabled, Link Interface Power-Down via Inactive LPS, Automatic Inactive Ports Powered-Down, and Automatic Inactive Logic Power-Down
    24. Self Power Up Reset and Pinless PLL to Reduce Component Counts on System
    25. Supports Windows 98SE/ME/2000

  3. Connectors :
    1. 2 x IEEE 1394 external ports
    2. 1 x IEEE 1394 internal port