PCI 32 BIT 2 x 16550 SERIAL card

PCI 2 Serial port UART 16550 card

Appealing to upgraders and system builders these cards are easy to install and can both extend the life of older PC's, or extend the capabilities of new System builds. The card can be specified with 2, 4 or 6 serial ports all supporting UART 16550 mode. These are extremely useful when adding External modems, PDA cradles, Mobile Phones, Serial Printers etc. to a base system.

  1. Bus Interface : 32-bit PCI Bus

  2. Key Features :
    1. Supports up to 2 x 16550 Fast Uart serial ports
    2. Easy Plug & Play Installation - automatically selects IRQ & I/O address
    3. Supports IRQ Sharing - saves valuable resources for other expansion cards
    4. Built-in single 16C550 compatible UART with 16 byte tramsmit-receive FIFO
    5. Serial transmission rate up to 1Mbytes/sec
    6. Multi card capability - allow for upgrade with additional serial or parallel ports
    7. Supports Windows 95/98/2000/NT & DOS Operating System

  3. Connectors :
    1. 1 x 9 pins connector (PCI 1S Serial Card)
    2. 2 x 9 pins connectors (PCI 2S Serial Card)
    3. 25 pins connectors (optional)