USB to Ethernet cable

USB to Ethernet cable

USB to 10/100Mbs Ethernet Converter

Connect your Laptops to your Network simply and at a surprisingly low cost

The new USB to 10/100Mbs Ethernet adaptor could mean the end of Network Interface cards as we know them. No more need to open up your desktop PC to fit a Network card, no more expensive PCMCIA cards for your Notebook PCs. With the new HU001 USB to Ethernet Adaptor you simply attach to a spare USB port, attach a Network cable, and Windows 98/2000 will recognise the new hardware. Simply install the driver and get connected. Don't have a spare USB port - then call us for a low cost 4 port USB hub.

We feel sure we can bring benefit to users of all Network Installations and therefore Network installers, dealers & system integrators.

  • The HU001 USB to 10/100Mbps Dual Speed Ethernet Adapter provides outside-the-box local area network connection for USB-enabled PCs, notebooks and laptops.
  • Compliant with USB specification version 1.1
  • Provides access to any Ethernet or Fast Ethernet network through your computer's USB port
  • Operates with peak performance of 8 Mbps, and sustained performance of 6 Mbps
  • No external power needed (Derives power from the host bus)
  • Hot swappable: can be connected and disconnected from your computer without turning the power off or reboot
  • Provides energy saving suspend and resume functions
  • LED indicators show at-a-glance network link status and activity