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CD-Printer CDP-2000 Why settle for a printer that only prints on Paper ??
CD Printer CDP-2000 Your CD-R's also deserve a professional look CDP-2000
CD-R recorders have now become affordable for just about everybody. The use of CD-R's for data archiving, small presentations and product catalogues continues to increase. Recordable CD-R's have the advantage that large amounts of data can be stored and the CD's can be produced economically even in small quantities. The only problem until now has been the professional presentation of these CD-R's. Professional printing is usually uneconomical for runs of less than 500.

Whilst self adhesive labels are readily available there is the risk of damaging the drive and distorting the data if not applied correctly or when moisture or heat causes the labels to shrink. Manual writing on the CD-R has been the only recommended safe way to differentiate your CD-R's but this hardly looks professional.

The SEIKO Precision CDP-2000 now enables you to print directly to the CD-R eliminating such problems. The printer comes complete with CorelDRAW! OEM Graphics software, Templates, manual and Print driver to get you printing professional looking CD-R's straight from the box.

With CorelDRAW! OEM software you simply drag your graphics into the Template file provided add text and print. The CD-R you produce is virtually indistinguishable from a CD produced Professionally. SEIKO Precision can also supply Blank Inlay and Bottom cards to complete the presentation.

The CDP-2000 will happily print on normal paper up to A4 size. It comes complete with an auto-sheet feeder holding up to 50 sheets. Various photo quality papers are also available and the CDP-2000 will print Photo Quality results at 720 dpi. So you are not restricted to have one printer dedicated to CD-R production.

For further versatility we have also added to our range of consumables, Plastic Business cards, Mini-CD (80MB) & Business Card CD-R's. Templates for printing on these additional shapes are available from this site.

Accessories Consumables

Serial Inkjet Printer
Epson Micro Piezo Multi layer actuator head
Bi-directional printing optimised in text and graphics
Centronics type 8 bit parallel interface
Dimensions: 429x231x156mm
Weight: 5.4 kg
Power consumption - Energy star compliant
Drivers - Windows 3.1, Windows 95
Minimum System Requirements
Windows v3.x, Windows 95. 386/25MHz, 16MB RAM, 20MB HD, VGA
Media Support
Printable surface CD-Recordables
Paper: A4, Letter, A6, Transparency film (A4), Label (A4), B5, Legal, Executive and User defined
Jewel Case inserts
Media Handling
CD-R - single disk rigid tray
Paper - automatic sheet feeder
Jewel case insert - automatic sheet feeder
Maximum Resolution *
CD-R Mono 720 dpi
CD-R Colour 720 dpi
Paper plain mono 720 dpi
Paper plain colour 720 dpi
Photo Quality Mono 720 dpi
Photo Quality Colour 720 dpi
Transparency 360 dpi
* Resolution is media dependant
Print Speed
CD-R mono up to 4 disks per minute
CD-R Colour up to 2 disks per minute

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