Dotmatrix Printers


The SEIKO Precision range of Dot Matrix printers have a range of optional accessories available. We have listed below these under various headings. To jump to the section, click on the option required here.

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Part Number Used On
SP-16051 (Fabric) SP-180, SP-800, SL-80
SP-1000, SP-1200, SP-1600
SP-1900, SP-1900 Plus
SP-2000, SP-2400
SP-16052 (Carbon) SP-180, SP-800, SL-80
SP-1000, SP-1200, SP-1600
SP-1900, SP-1900 Plus
SP-2000, SP-2400
SP-24551 (Fabric) SP-2415, SL-150
LT-2051 (Fabric) LT-20
SL-90051 (Fabric) SL-92, SL-90
SL-95, SL-96
SL-90052 (Carbon) SL-92, SL-90
SL-95, SL-96
SL-95055 (Colour) SL-95, SL-96
SL-13051A (Fabric) SL-130
SL-21051 (Fabric) SL-21051
SL-13052 (Carbon) SL-210
SL-23051 (Fabric) SL-230, SL-270
SL-23052 (Carbon) SL-230, SL-270
SL-532051 (Fabric) SL-532
SL-532055 (Colour) SL-532
MP-13051 (Fabric) MP-1300, MP-1350
MP-13055 (Colour) MP-1300, MP-1350
MP-53051 (Fabric) MP-5300, MP-5330, MP-5350
MP-53055 (Colour) MP-5350
MP-54551 (Fabric) MP-5450
MP-54555 (Colour) MP-5450
BP-54051 (Fabric) BP-5200, BP-5420, BP-5500
SBP-1051 (Fabric) SBP-10, BP-5780, BP-5780II
BP-7800, BP-7800II, FB-840
BP-6000, BP-9000, FB-900
FB-37551 (Fabric) FB-375
GP-05050 (Fabric) GP-50
GP-08050 (Fabric) GP-80
GP-20050 (Fabric) GP-100
GP-55050 (Fabric) GP-500
GP-70050 (Colour) GP-700
GP-70051 (Fabric) GP-700

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Cut Sheet Feeders

The following Cut Sheet Feeders are available as optional accessories or as replacement units for the SEIKO Precision Dot Matrix printers

Part Number Used On Description
BP-78009A BP-5780II/7800/7800II BP-6000/9000 First Bin Feeder
BP-78009-E BP-5780II/7800/7800II BP-6000/9000 Second Bin Feeder
BP-CSF BP-5420/BP-5460/5500
FB-84009 FB-840/FB-900
LT-2006A4 LT-20 A4 Paper Cassette Assembly
LT-2006B LT-20 B5 Paper Cassette Assembly
MP-54009 MP-5450
MP-CSF-10 MP-1300/1350
MP-CSF-15 MP-5300/5330/5350
SBP-1006L SBP-10AI Bin 2 Tray B5, A4, Letter & B4
SBP-1006S SBP-10AI Bin 1 Tray B5, A4 & Letter
SBP-1007 SBP-10AI Face Down Stacker
SBP-1009 SBP-10AI Cut Sheet Feeder Adaptor
SL-13009A SL-130 First Bin Feeder
SL-13009E SL-130/230/270 Second Bin Feeder
SL-20009A SL-210 First Bin Feeder
SL-20009E SL-210 Second Bin Feeder
SL-23009A SL-230/270
SL-532 CSF SL-532 Single Bin Sheet Feeder
SL-532 3 Bin SL-532 Triple Bin Sheet Feeder
SL-90009A SL-90/92
SL-95009A SL-95/96
SP-20009A SP-1900+/2000/2400
SP-24509 SL-150/2415
SP-CSF SL-80/SP-1200/SP-1600

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Optional Interfaces

Part Number Used On Description
BP-COAX BP-5420/5500 Internal Coax Interface
BP-TWINAX BP-5420/5500 Internal Twinax Interface
FB-37510 FB-375 Internal Serial Interface
MP-COAX MP-5300/5330/5350 Internal Coax Interface
MP-TWINAX MP-5300/5330/5350 Internal Twinax Interface
SBP-COAX SBP-10AI Internal Coax Interface
SL-SERIAL SL-532 Internal Serial Interface

We can also supply External Interfaces to meet your Networking requirements. These Include a multi protocol Print Server, Coax and Twinax. These work using the standard Parallel Interfaces. Call SEIKO Precision for details and availability


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Optional Tractors

For the SEIKO Precision Dot Matrix Printers

Part Number Used On Description
FB-84008 FB-840/FB-900 Rear Push Tractor
BP-57008 BP-5780/7800 Mk I&II BP-6000/9000 Pull Tractor
SL-21008 SL-210 Pull Tractor
SL-23008 SL-230/270 Pull Tractor

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Buffer Extensions

Part Number Used On Description
BP-57065 BP-5780 Mk I & II BP-6000 Buffer Extension 64k total
LT-20065 LT-20 11k Buffer Extension
MP-54065 MP-5450 32k Buffer Extension
SL-23065 SL-230/270 64k Buffer Extension
SL-53265 SL-532 64k Buffer Extension

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Other Options

In addition to the Other Options below, AVD Computer Services can also supply a range of Printer Stands and Acoustic Hoods, designed for and tested with the SEIKO Precision Dot Matrix printers. This list is being updated continually. Please call for further details.

Part Number Used On Description
BP-57081 BP-5780/5780II BP-6000 Font ROM (Courier, Prestige, Gothic, Script, Orator, OCR A & B)
LT-2002 LT-20 Car Battery Pack
LT-2003E LT-20 Battery Charger 220-240V
LT-2004AC LT-20 Power Supply Assembly
LT-2004NC LT-20 Nicad Battery Pack
LT-20095 LT-20 Carrying Case
MP-13505 MP-1300/1350 Colour Kit
MP-53505 MP-5350 Colour Kit
MP-54505 MP-5450 Colour Kit
SBP-1080-0 SBP-10AI Standard/Courier Font Cartridge
SBP-1080-1 SBP-10AI Prestige/Gothic Font Cartridge
SBP-1080-2 SBP-10AI Script/Orator Font Cartridge
SBP-1080-3 SBP-10AI OCR A/OCR B Font Cartridge
DEC-LA75 SBP-10AI Dec LA-75 Emulation
SL-23066A SL-210/230/270 Function Card
SL-230CYRILL SL-210/230/270 Cyrillic Character Set
SL-53280 SL-532 Font Card OCR A & OCR B
SL-97213 SL-532 Font Card Barcode39
SL-97219 SL-532 Font Card OCR A
SL-97222 SL-532 Font Card Barcode 2of5
SL-HP-GL SL-532 HPGL Emulation
SL-90080 SL-92/90 (not Plus) Font ROM
SL-92RUSSIAN SL-90/92 Russian Character Set
SP-20007 SP1900/2000/2400 Paper Roll Holder

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