ColorPoint 2 620VSF

The Choice for High-End Color Imaging

From screen to paper at the press of a button

With a video interface, you save time. You save trouble. And you save money. Because our VSF video interface system lets you maximise performance for yourself and up to 16 users, while totally eliminating software concerns. You'll never have to worry about software drivers, baud rates, I/O protocols, or multiplatform incompatibility issues. If you can see it on your screen, you can print it on paper. Click a button and start printing a copy of what's on your screen in just four seconds. Or adjust it, scale it, tile it, and generate up to 8.5" x 12" prints.

Thermal transfer printing

  • Cost effective thermal output cut costs while dye sublimation prints show your work with photgraphic realism. Maximum apparent resolution
  • Exclusive Error Diffusion Dithering algorithm makes edges sharp and smooth for high quality imaging in thermal wax transfer mode.
Autotrim page finishing
  • Save your fingers and your baldes. no tearing off perforated edges or trimming unwanted white space to get standard page sizes.
Fast video interface
  • No file incompatibilities. No driver hassles. Starts printing in 4 seconds. If you can see it on your screen, you can print it on your ColorPoint 2 VSF
Multiple image tiling
  • Capture and download several images or a series of images for printing. Put up to 12 on a single sheet for easier, more cost-effective viewing of related visualisations
VBA architecture for easy networking
  • True plug-and-play network connectivity across multiple platforms for up to 16 users.
Remote controle
  • Remote controle unit lets you adjust your images and start printing. And you get constant status feedback.
Letter and tabloid size output
  • Generate full size prints that don't waste a millimeter of paper on up to 8.5" x 12" pages.
Fractional scaling fills your page
  • Speedy, ASIC-based Fractional Scaling automatically scales your image to fill the designated available print area letting you get the most out of every sheet of paper..
The standard ColorPoint 2 VSF is loaded with the features imaging professionals need. It's the printer that meets the need for high resolution photographic quality color output as well as fast, economical, full color prints

For medical imaging for 3-D modelling for satellite imaging

For architectural rendering for data visualisation for animation

ColorPoint 2 VSF Designed for High Performance Visualisation

Print an image thats always fits right in

The ColorPoint 2 VSF interface system eliminates the need for doing page setups or resizing. It's speedy, ASIC-based Fractional Scaling feature will automatically scale your image to fill the available print area (particularly handy when tiling multiple images) while, maintaining aspect ratios and detail.

You can combine, or tile, 2, 4, 6, 9, or 12 images onto a single sheet of hard copy to consolidate related information. Which means you can reduce your costs, increse your throughput, and make a series of visualisations easier to read.

The tiled images are placed together with no space between them. And while this might seem an extremely efficient use of paper, there's a more important benefit to sophisticated users. That is, you can create seamless composite images in resolutions as high as 2560 x 2048.

The gang's all printed

By expanding your VSF's standard memory, up to 8 print jobs can be queued. So multiple users sharing a printer can download a job and get back to work without wasting time. And burst mode applications, such as medical imaging, where many images have to be printed in a short time, are efficiently supported.

The ColorPoint 2 VSF printer queues jobs rather than images. So even a long series of jobs with tiled images gets printed in as little time as possible.

No cruel cuts

The ColorPoint 2 VSF has an automatic page finishing feature called AutoTrim, an integrated paper cutter that eliminates the need for hand trimming. it also includes autoSensing. the printer actually senses the printing mode, media size and ink sheet type, then outputs the correct paper size automatically. It even provides an easy-to-use single sheet feeder.

How to Succeed in the Video Game.

First, you have to enjoy a fast, high performance machine. Because that's exactly what the ColorPoint 2 VSF becomes with its video interface. You'll have a direct hardware link from your monitor to your printer. Or from multiple monitors to your printer. There's no file intervention to foul up the works. You can be looking at a color terminal, a Macintosh or DOS/Windows computer, or a UNIX workstation. You can be alone in an office, connected to a small workgroup, or networked into the corporate system. In every case, you get results, stat.

Getting wired has never been simpler

If you like simple, hassle-free wiring schemes, you'll love the Professional ColorPoint 2 VSF. It uses our newest cabling architecture to make sharing and networking simpler, more efficient, and by far, more effective.

A video bus adapter (VBA) connects each display to the system, providing a separate remote contrl for each station. The VBAs and printers are connected together with video bus cables in a serial daisy chain, stretching as far as 100 meters. Up to 16 individual stations of any kind can be connected at the same time to either one or two ColorPoint 2 VSF printers. Add additional terminals wherever and whenever you need them simply by plugging them into the chain, rearranging or adding VBAs as needed.

This means your Mac folks can share a printer with your IBMers. And your heavy-duty UNIX aficionados can plug right in as well. Even your proprietary engineering or medical imaging systems users can connect with ease.

Best of all, there's no need for tricky, quirky network software. The VSF system gives you most cost-effective solution for special assignment teams, workgroups, and small departments. And because there's no need for additional servers or multiplexers, you slash both set-up time and equipment costs.

Great output with one hand tied behind your back

With the ColorPoint 2 VSF Remote controle in hand, you'll have full control over the important on-the-fly decisions - start print, cancel, copy count, image reversal, tiling mode, channle select (for prestored printer setups), even selection of the target printer when you're connected to more than one ColorPoint 2 VSF.

you also get full status information, including printer availability, job-in-queue or now-printing indication, number of remaining images to be captured in an active tiling job, and error messages like "out of paper".

ColorPoint 2 VSF

Engineered for Engineering and Image Analysis

High quality thermal wax

The ColorPoint 2 VSF also provides 300 x 300 dpi thermal wax transfer color output that's close to dye sublimation. And with our advanced halftone screening, you'll be impressed by the clarity and crispness of the colors. Especially since you can get prints so quickly and inexpensively.

Show your Clients the Highest Quality.

Thermal wax transfer

Here you're seeing dots and screening, the result being the familiar halftone. Its analogous to the four-color process printing rosetter. The dots are printed in the four process colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. And a process called dithering creates the illusion of seeing a full color spectrum from the halftoned image

The professional's choice

There's a big difference between your average color printer and one built for professionals. Certainly, you can see it in the output. But you can also see it inside the box. The Professional ColorPoint 2 VSF is solidly built. Rugged. Reliable. Ready for the daily tortures imposed on it by imaging and visualisation professionals. It's machine that's built to deliver high-end performance from one day through day five thousand.

The Professioanal ColorPoint 2 VSF printers feature extensive image processing power that's built into custom ASICs. There's automatic scaling so your image can fill the available print area without distortion. Sharpness control that lets you adjust the contrast for maximum image clarity and quality. Mirroring and 90° rotation. And sub-screen windowing to eliminate on-screen and on-paper menus. All executed in hardware so there's no performance penalty. Plus, any combination of these options can be pre-stored into seperate channels that you can later select by Remote controle, providing quick, easy access to a variety of operating parameters.

Of course, nothing in the world is perfect. So to service professionals who can't afford downtime in any amount, we've built a direct, factory-trained service and support staff. They can get you out of trouble in a hurry, whether you use our dedicated toll-free number for technical support or our on-site service. And if you really agree that time is moeny, use our 8-hour on-site response contract to keep you up and running.

High quality output from high quality product. Plus full recognition of the pressures you face every day. That's why two technologies are built into the Professional ColorPoint 2 VSF color printer. And why we think you owe it to yourself to see the results first hand.

colorpoint2 VSF page formats

Model 620 Page Size Image Size Trimmed Size
A (Letter) 8.5" x 11" 8.25" x 9.05" n/a
U. S. Legal 8.5" x 14" 8.25" x 10.70" 8.5" x 11"
A4 210mm x 339mm

8.27" x 11.69"

2.3mm x 247mm

7.89" x 9.72"



A4 Long 210mm x 339mm

8.27" x 13.35"

203mm x 279mm

7.99" x 10.98"

210mm x 297mm

8.27" x 11.69"

A4 Super 9" x 15" 8.53" x 11.93" n/a


Printing Technology thermal wax transfer
Resolution 300 dpi
Image Color Resolution Thermal Wax mode: 16.7 million halftone
Maximum Screen Resolution 1280 pixels x 1024 lines
Interface Type VSF8
Support Data Transfer RGBHV; RGB-Sync; RGB
Input Cable Connection BNC connectors, 6'
Dowload Time 4 seconds
Print Job Queuing 1 job standard, 4 or 8 optional
Image Tiling 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12 images per page
Memory Model 620: 4MB std/32 MB max
Dimensions Model 620: 13.5"H x 15.9"W x 21.9"D
Weight Model 620: 68lbs
Electrical Voltage: 100V/120VAC, 220V/240VAC
Maximum Power Consumption Standby: Model 620: 33 watts
Maximum Power Consumption In Use: Model 620: 40 watts
Acoustic Noise Idle: 50dB or less

Printing: 55dB or less continuos

60dB or less intermittent

Environmental Temperature: 5°C to 30°C operating humidity: 20% to 80% operating
Safety Certification UL 1950 D3; CSA STS C22.2 No.950; EN60 950 TUV GS

FCC Class A, CSA No.108.8 Class B;VDE 0871 Class B, VDE0871 Class B, VCCI 1

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