Video printer

Only the company that invented video printing could have taken it this far.

High performance: high-quality 256-tone gray-scale output in just 3 seconds!

Versatility: cost-effective prints from virtually any video source.

Compatibility: hard copy from Macs, PCs and other computers with RGB output

Medical applications: ultrasound scanning, x-rays, MRI, DSA, electron microscopy, etc.

Research applications: non-destructive testing (NDT), test & measuring instrumentation output, etc.

Industrial applications: CAD, CAM, QA/QC, etc.

Crime prevention applications: surveillance & security systems, etc.

Business applications: DTP, architecture & graphic design, image database systems, wire services, etc.

Introducing the Seikosha VP-1500II video printer

From business, education and research, to engineering, health care and crime prevention, advances in information technology have brought video to the forefront. And yet for many people valuable video data can often be displayed only on a monitor. There is nowmore need than ever for high-quality hard copy, and so Seikosha has developed an extremely cost-effective solution: the VP-1500II video printer.

Seikosha's VP-1500II is the first thrmal video printer to provide 256-tone gray-scale out put in a 3-1/4" x 4-1/4" format within a mere 3 seconds! Horizantal resolution is 300 dpi, so even fine detail can be reproduced accurately. This makes the VP-1500II an ideal solution for even such demanding applications as electron microscopy.

This level of performance does not, however, mean compromising when it comes to eithr versatility or ease of operation. The VP-1500II will accept a signal from virtually any video source - including medical imaging systems, microscopes, PCs and optical disc systms. Anyone who uses a video monitor for data display can have affordable, high-quality hard copy on demand. Storage and dissemination of data are also facilitated.

Ask for a demonstration of the Seikosha VP-1500II video printer. You'll wonder how you ever worked without one.


Print method Direct line thermal
Print density



12 dots/mm (300 dpi)

6 dots/mm (150 dpi)

Print resolution (max.) 1360 dots (H) x 640 dots(V)
Standard printing area

Normal mode

Fine mode

106.7 x 80 mm (640 x 480 dots)

106.7 x 80 mm (1280 x 480 dots)

Printing time per page

Normal mode

Fine mode

3 sec.

8 sec.

Gray scale 256 tones
Printing paper High-contrast synthetic thermal paper

Synthetic thermal paper

Thermal paper (for 2-tone printing)

Input Signal
Scanning method Interlaced or non-interlaced
Sampling clock frequency



10 ~ 40 MHz

10 ~ 25 MHz

Type of video signal Composite video signal

Separate video signal

Composite sync + video signal

Analog RGB (sync on G)

Separate RGB

Composite sync + analog RGB


Power supply AC 120V± 10% or 230V ± 10%
Dimensions (W x H x D) 211 x 113 x 355 mm
Weight 4.8 kg

These Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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