A4 size, 1,000-line class compatible video printer
  • Work station compatible.
  • Clear hard copies at 256 tones.
  • Compatible with many fields of image processing.
  • High picture quality at a low price

Signal input at a maximum frequency of 135 Mhz. The top model in the VP series, compatible with work stations, high resolution displays and other advanced image processing equipment.

With the continuous advances in image processing technology, image recording devices must offer an ever greater range of compatibility, image quality precision, higher speed, economy and ease of operation. The VP-4500 achieves all of this. Thanks to its high frequency compatibility, a first for monochrome video printers, it can be used with 1000-line class work station images with no need for special interface. The VP-4500 offers quick hard copies with vivid , virtually photographic 256-tone picture quality, and with running cost much lower than film. Finally, an all-purpose video printer which can be used effectively in all areas of image processing, from OA equipment, medical image diagnosis, and industrial production to research and development.

A high quality of 256 tones and 300 DPI. Compatible with high-contrast synthetic paper for even more vivid picture. Preset files with settings for major models facilitate use.

256 tones, 300DPI

Hard copies on which even slight differences in shades are recreated faithfully in 256 tones (8 bits), with a high resolution of 300 DPI (fine mode, horizontal direction). Effective for recording, storage and visual presentations.

Maximum 135MHz high frequency compatiblity

Usable with input signals from high resolution displays, work stations, personal computers and image processing devices of major companies.

1000-line class compatibility

Compatible with 1,280 x 1,024 dot work satations, add up to 1,536-line print rasters.

Auto scan function

Auto scanning with a horizontal frequency of 14.5 to 100.0 kHz.

RGB signal compatibility

Easy connection of all types of video signals. Direct input of analog RGB signals and RGB TTL (digittal RGB) signals, expressed in gray. Externally synchronized printing is alsopossible by inputting external clock signals.

Compatible with high-contrast synthetic paper

High contrast, high picture quality with low running costs. regular synthetic paper can also be used.

Built-in frame memory

Quick input of signals and serial copies of a single image. The host side is freed from printing operations for greater efficiency.

Multi-format function

Multi-format function in which the screen can be split and one, two or four images printed simultaneously.

File functions

Preset files for the most commonly use models eliminates the need for initial settings. User files are also available, so 32 extra settings can be registered according to the application.

<Preset file setting support>

SUN SPARC Station HP9000 Series

IBM POWER Station DEC Personal Station

VGA/EGA Macintosh II

TV signals (NTSC/PAL) etc.

Remote operation

A control terminal makes it possible to send print commands, check readiness and change file settings from another system.

Front panel control for easy operation

The control switchers are located on the front panel, and the printing paper can also be changed from the front. In addition, the VP-4500 can be mounted on a 19-inch rack using special brackets (available optionally).

Low noise design

High performance direct line thermal head for even quieter operation

Printing in three directions: horizontal (landscape), regular(portrait) and inverted

Positive/negative prints

No warming up


Image processing

Remote sensing, weather mapping, satellite photographs, weather forecasts, probes, typographical maps, astronomy, simulation


Electronic, optical, and various other types of microscopes


CAD/CAM systems and CG in various fields

Medical purposes

X-ray CT, MRI, PACS, DSA, cameras, ultrasound, medical data processing equipment, endoscopes, image transfer systems

Probe, measuring and analysis equipment

X-ray probes, shape analysis, various types of testing and analysis systems, various types of measuring equipment

Image data and other areas

industrial camera, VTR, laser discs, image filing systems, monitoring equipment, TV conference systems, education, sports, manual preparation, dealing systems, control equipment

Printing Specifications

Print method Direct line thermal
Print element density 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm)

Print pixel density Horizontal Normal mode 150DPI (5.9dots/mm)
Fine mode * 300DPI (5.9 dots/mm)
Vertical 150DPI (5.9 dots/mm)

Print raster (Max.) 1536 lines (portrait and invert modes)

1240 lines (landscape mode)

Print resolution (Max.) 2000(H)x1024(V)dots or 1240(H) x 1536(V) dots
Standard print area 210.0 x 162.6mm (1240 x 960 dots))

Gray scale (tone) and standard print speed High graduation 256 shades of gray, 31 seconds
Fine mode 128 shades of gray, 31 seconds
High speed print mode 16 shades of gray, 19 seconds

Print thermal paper High-contrast synthetic paper (VP-35052H) 216mm x 45m
Synthetic paper (#VP-35052S) 216mm x 45m
Frame memory 2016 x 1024 x 8 bits or 1344 x 1536 x 8 bits
Data reading time (at 50Hz vertical synchronising signal) 0.6 seconds or less

Input Signal Specifications

Input signals Composite video signal
Composite sync. + video signal
Separate video signal
Analog RGB signal Green on sync.
Composite sync.+ RGB
Separate RGB
RGB TTL signal (digital RGB)

*1 Sampling frequency at 10 to 65MHz, Landscape mode.

*2 Standard image (1240 x 960 dots) is printed in portrait mode on synthetic paper (#VP-35052S)

*3 Height includes the 15mm base.

These Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Company names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks.

Scanning method 2:1 interlaced or non-interlaced
Horizontal sync. range Non-interlace 14.5 ~ 100.0 kHz
Interlace 14.5~60.0kHz
Vertical sync. range Non-interlace 30.0kHz (Min.)
Interlace 45.0kHz (Min.)
Internal sampling clock frequency 10~135MHz
External sync. sampling clock frequency 10~135MHz


User 32
Fixed 32
Multi-format 1/2/4 images
Connectors VIDEO/G/Green on sync. BNC
H. sync./C. sync. BNC
V. sync BNC
External clock BNC
Control signal D-sub 9P
Remote signal D-sub 9P

General Specifications

Usage Conditions Temperature 5~35°
Humidity 35~85%RH (No condensation)
Power supply 100-120VAC±10%,220-240VAC±10% 50/60hZ±5%
Power consumption 145w(MAX.)
External dimensions 420(W) X 163(H) X 416(D)mm*3
Weight Approx.14kg

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