Technical Support

Technical Support is provided free of charge for 60 days (from your first support call). After that, we reserve the right to charge for technical support, depending upon the complexity of the call. Before calling why not check out the Frequently Asked Questions Page, the Emulations Page, or the Drivers Page.
Technical Support is available during the hours listed below:

United Kingdom:
+44-118 988 7300,
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Drivers & Software Download Support

The most recent drivers and software are available on this site. Most of the SEIKO Precision Printers have as standard at least one Driver Emulation. Normally these will be an Epson and IBM printer. Check the Emulation Table for the correct Driver to use for your printer. The SEIKO Precision drivers available are only for the Epson emulation. Emulation is normally decided by the DipSwitch or Front Panel settings, these are available as hotspots on the Emulation Table.


All SEIKO Precision printers include some kind of Emulation, normally determined by Dip Switch settings. This enables the printers to work even where no SEIKO Precision Print Driver has been provided by your software or operating system supplier. These emulations are provided in the following table. To obtain details of the Dip Switch settings click on the model name below. Most of our current printers do not have Dip Switches as such and the set up is enabled using the LCD panel or via a plug in card. Again by clicking on the model below, detail of the set up will be explained. Printers without Click on status either do not have dip switches or set up panels or the page has not yet been prepared. Please refer to the printer manual for details of how to set these printers up.

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