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The workaholic for heavy jobs

This professional flat bed printer (Seikosha FB-840) is flexible, which can cope with even the heaviest workloads. See for yourself how well it adjusts to the demands you can make on it. Regardless of whether it is dealing with simple correspondence or tough jobs in industry, this "jack of all trades" can turn its hand to just about everything.

Multipart sets and types of paper

  • Adjusts automatically to the thickness of the paper
  • Adjustment of the print head
  • Original plus eight copies
  • Suitable for cardboard or similar inflexible materials
  • Up to 840 characters per second for fast jobs
  • 158 characters per second for top print quality
  • 10 resident fonts
  • Integrated zoom function of 66-1600%, which does away with time-consuming and inferior-quality copying.
The Seikosha FB-840 enlarges or reduces automatically.

Flexible paper path

  • Adjustable paper feed: three paths for continuous paper using both tractors (the second tractor is available as an option)
  • Three paths for manual insertion
  • Two paths if using optional, automatic single-sheet insertion
  • The automatic friction change provides a convenient method of switching to a different paper path
  • Output at the rear, at the top or at the front of the printer
The advantage is that Seikosha FB-840 always offers the most comfortable and convenient type of access for every workplace.

Bar codes

The Seikosha FB-840 provides you with 10 of the most commonly used bar code fonts: Inustrial 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, Code 11, Code 128, Code 3 of 9, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-E, and Postnet. For applications which require rapid and reliable ba-code reading in connection with printed forms there is a special version available incorporating an integrated bar-code reader.

Skew sensor

This special function makes misaligned documents on manual input a thing of the past. The intelligent sensor function ensures that sheets of paper or forms are simply returned blank if handled incorrectly. This eliminates expensive wasted paper.

Paper jam sensor

You can forget the problem of paper jams as the sensor immediately signals any complications by a message on the display and automatically breaks off the printing job. This provides greater security when the printer is used over a continuous period of time, so you can be sure that the printer is not merely working to fill the waste-paper basket.

Numerous interfacing possibilities

A bi-directional parallel interface and a serial interface are part of the standard features of the Seikosha FB-840. These can be switched automatically by the printer. Information on further interfaces (Coax, Twinax, Ethernet etc.) is available on request.

Greater ease of operation

The clear layout of the operation panel together with a 16-character LCD display ensures rapid and easy access to all functions. Five languages are available on option (D, UK, F, E, I). In addition to this, the most important set-up parameters for various applications can be stored in six print menus. They can also be set and called using software commands.

Useful accessories for the SEIKOSHA FB-840

Rear push tractor

A rear push tractor able to process continuous paper with a mximum width of 418 mm (16.5 inches) provides even greater versatility.

Automatic single-sheet insertion

Has a capacity of 150 sheets of paper and a paper-feed which accepts formats of up to DIN A3 horizantal. Also suitable for multipart sets.

Bar-code reader

Please be sure to specify this requirement on ordering as this is a special version of the Seikosha FB-840.

Paper cutter

Guillotines continuous paper into variable lengths.

Black ribbon cassette

With a long life of 20 million characters


Print technology 24-pin dot matrix flatbed printer
Print direction bi-directional and unidirectional (auto switching)
Print speed 840 cps (SSD)
560 cps (Draft)
158 cps (LQ)
Line feed speed 60 lines/second (1/6" per line)
Emulations EPSON LQ-2550, IBM 2391, HP Rugged Writer 480 (PC
Print buffer 64 Kbytes (max.)
Resident fonts (LQ) fixed size Roman, Sans-serif, Courier, Prestige, Script, Gothic, OCR-A, OCR-B, Orator and Orator-S
Characters EPSON character sets, IBM code pages, HP character sets
Attributes Italic, condensed, bold, double-strike, double-height, double-width, superscript, subscript, overscore, underscore
Download EPSON: 128 download characters IBM: 32 Kbytes HP: 256 download characters
Paper feed Push tractor or friction
Paper path Fanfold, front push: front tractor insertion;
top or rear ejection; 3-16.0" paper width
Fanfold, rear push: rear tractor insertion;
(option) front ejection;
3-16.5" paper width
Cut sheet, manual: front insertion;
front, top or rear ejection; A3, A4, Letter, Legal, envelope, card, etc.
Cut sheet, CSF: rear insertion
(option) (1-bin 150-sheet hopper);
front or top ejection; A3, A4, Letter, Legal, card, etc.
Paper weight 64 to 100 g/m' (1 7 to 27 lbs.) /max. 0.8 mm
Multipart forms Original plus 8 duplicates
Interface Centronics (parallel) & RS-232C (serial), automatic selection; RS-422 & current loop (option)
Ribbon type Special cassette-type black fabric ribbon SBP-1051
Ribbon life 20 million characters (Draft mode)
Printhead life 400 million dots/pin (MCBF)
Power supply AC 220-240V/50Hz model - AC 120V/60Hz model
Power consumption 39 watts (standby) 160 watts (self-test)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 630 x 389 x 250 mm (24-13/16 x 15-5/16 x 9-13/16 in)
Weight 24kg (53 Ibs)


IBM is a registered trade mark of International Business Machines Corporation.
Epson is a registered trade mark of S. Epson Corporation.
These Specifications are subject to change without notification.  

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