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A new compact and flexible printer for a wide range of business and private applications

Although dot-matrix printers in recent years have had to cope with the competition posed by other printer technologies, high-performance dot-matrix printers have not been affected by such problems. This is because no other technology is able to handle continuous paper, form sets, labels, large paper formats or colour prints so inexpensively. A high printing speed, the ability to print several copies and robust design are further performance features which ensure that day today office work is simply inconceivable without this type of printer.

The new 9pin dot matrix printer MP5450 from Seikosha sets new standards in this respect. It handles typical industry applications such as test protocols, operating statistics, inventory protocols and other continuous reports quickly and reliably. Operating at a maximum speed of 300 characters per second, it prints continuous paper and single sheets in widths up to 16 inches, and can also print in colour if required. Difficult to believe, but true: All these features are packed into this lightweight compact printer with very little space requirements.

Wide range of document design options

In addition to the draft mode, the MP5450 features four letter quality type styles (Roman, Sans Serif, Courier and Gothic); these can be printed with doubleheight, doublewidth, underline, sub script or superscript and with different character densities. A colour kit (full colour printing) is optionally available for users wishing to print documents in colour.

Modern and flexible paper management

The MP5450 features a friction and tractor drive and also has the option of a fully automatic cut sheet feeder. The tractor can also be used as a feed to enable the top edge of the first page in continuous forms to be printed. This is particularly important for numbered forms. The autoloading and paper park function simplifies the process of changing from continuous paper to single sheet and vice versa. The tearoff function positions the paper perforation over the tearoff edge.

Universal application and interface options

The MP5450 features a twin interface which enables the printer to be connected via the parallel or serial port. The emulations IBM Pro printer IIIXL and EPSON FX1050 ensure the necessary compatibility with commercially available software. The printer memory can be extended from the standard 8 KB to 40 KB.

AVD Computer Services Ltd
PO Box 5142
Reading RG7 1ZQ
Tel +44 118 988 7300 Fax +44 118 988 7301

Print technology 9pin dot matrix printer
Print direction bi-directional / unidirectional (selectable)
Print speed 12 cpi 300 cps Draft Elite
12 cpi 62 cps NLQ Elite
10 cpi 250 cps Draft Pica
10 cpi 62cps NLQ Pica
Line feed speed 3 ips (inches per second)
Print buffer standard 8 KB
optional up to 32 KB
Resident fonts (LQ) Roman, Sans Serif, Courier, Gothic
Character sets ASCII, Graphic,
Code Page 437/850/860/863/865
Line feed speed 3 ips (inches per second)
Attributes Italic, condensed, doublestrike, double height, doublewidth, superscript, subscript, overscore, underscore, emphasised characters
Paper feed standard push or pull tractor, friction feed
optional fully autom. sheet feeder (ASF)
Paper path Rear & bottom (fanfold), top (cut sheet)
Paper weight 60 to 90 g/m2 (16 to 24 Ibs)
Paper thickness max. 0.28 mm (0.011'), envelopes 0.35 mm (0.014')
Paper width 4" to 16' (fanfold & cut sheet)
Multipart forms Original plus 3 duplicates
Interface standard Centronics parallel/RS232 C (selectable)
Ribbon life (characters) black 4 million characters
colour 1 mill. (black), 0.5 mill. (yellow, magenta, cyan)
Printhead life 200 million dots/pin
Optional accessories Full autom. sheet feeder (ASF), IBM Coax/Twinax Interfaces, memory expansion, Colour kit)
Power supply AC 220 240 V/50 60 Hz
Power consumption 55 W (self test), 9 W (standby)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 570 x 132 x 315 mm (22.4 x 5.2 x 12.4 inch)
Weight 8 kg (17.66 Ibs)


IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. EPSON is a registered trademark of S. EPSON Corporation. These Specifications ore subject to change without notice.

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