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24 Pin Heavy Duty Flat Bed printer

A Flat Bed printer with Superb Paper Handling

  • 324 cps (Elite, Draft), 108 cps (Elite LQ)
  • Letter Quality Output, 360x180 dpi
  • Automatic Multi Part feeder (AMF as option)
  • Seven Colour printing as standard
  • Triple Bin Sheet Feeder as option
  • 64 KB max Buffer
  • Bar Code print Option

Optional equipment and accessories

  • bar code print
  • OCR-A, OCR-B font print
  • triple-bin sheet feeder (bins 1/2: sheets; bin 3: envelopes)
  • 64K buffer memory

In Comparison with Laser printer

Continuous paper A3 paper Colour Dot printing Multi part print Very small size paper Envelope print Colour Plotter mode Running cost DPI
LASER no no no no no no no High cost

for toner

SL-532 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Ribbon



Basic Specification

print method 24 wires serial impact dot matrix, flat bed type printer
Wire Diameter 0.2mm(0.008")
printing speed LQ: 90cps (10cpi), 108cps (12cpi)

DQ: 270cps (10cpi), 324 cps (12cpi)

Fonts Courier 10, Prestige elite
Down loadable char. 10 characters (standard), 256 characters (option)
Resolution Horizantal:1/360inch, Vertical: 1/180 inch
Character matrix LQ(10cpi):24x36, LQ(12cpi):24x30, DQ(10 cpi):

24x12, DQ (12cpi): 24x10, DQ(Condence): 24x10

printing direction Bi-directional printing by logic seeking
print pitch 10cpi, 12cpi, 18 cpi, Proportional spacing
Characters per line 136 characters/line(10cpi), 163 characters/line

(12cpi), 244 characters/line (1 cpi)

Copy ability Original +4 (34kg no carbon paper)
Ribbon Mono:Fabric black, Colour:Fabric 4-colour, yellow, magenta, cyan, black
Graphic Horizantal dot:2448 dot/line,Horizantal

180 dot/inch, Vertical: 180 dot/inch

ID mark Read/write Function (factory option)
Bar codeprinting Uni-directional printing (option)
Paper feed
Paper handling Friction feed, Auto loading (cut sheet, continuous paper), Push type tractor, Triple bin auto cut sheet feeder (option), Auto Multi Feeder: AMF, Cut sheet, Envelope, Post Card, Ledger.
Vertical spacing 1/6inch, 1/8inch, 1/180 x n inch (programmable)
LF time under 50mm/sec. (1/6inch), 6.2IPS (Form Feed)
Paper cut sheet (manual) (W) 55-381 mm (2.2-15inch),(L) 90-381mm (3.5-15 inch), (T) 45-135 kg
Continuous form (1 part) (W)101.6-420mm (4-16.5 inch), (T) 45-135 kg

Continuous form (5 part) (W)101.6-420 mm (4-16.5 inch),(T) 34kg
Escape function of continuous paper After inserted continuous paper into the tractor unit of the printer, that is removed by manual switch or ESC code, and printer is able to print cut sheet.
Electric conditions
Power supply 220/240V± 10%
Voltage frequency 50/60 Hz±2Hz
Interface CENTRONICS* parallel or RS 232 C serial


Buffer memory 8Kbyte (standard), 16KByte (option), 64KByte (option)
Environment conditions
Temperature Operating: 5-38°C, Storage: -20-60°C
Humidity Operating: 10-80%RH, Operating: 45-70%RH

(using Auto Sheet Finder), Storage: 10 95% RH


MTBF 4000H (without print head)
Machine life 5 years
print head life 300 Mil. dot/pin
Ribbon life Black: 3 Mil. characters (DQ printing)

Colour: 1 Mil. characters (DQ printing)

Size 630mm(W) x 450 mm (D) x 300 mm (H)
Weight 24kg
Acoustic noise 55dB according to ANSI S-1.29

Specifications subject to change without notice.

*CENTRONICS is a trademark of Centronics Data Computer Corp.

*EPSON is a trademark of EPSON Corporation.

*DIABLO is a trademark of DIABLO SYSTEMS Inc.

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