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SP-2415 AI

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9-pin dot matrix printer

Printing Productivity Reaches New Heights

Seikosha's new SP-2415 AI is a high-speed printer designed to provide rapid response and versatility. As well as maximizing throughput - performing at up to 300 cps (Super Speed Draft mode) - the bi-directional 9-pin printhead delivers excellent quality with a choice of 5 attractive type styles. Also, with its wide carriage and impact printing mechanism, the SP-2415 AI can handle multipart forms and even B4 paper - smoothly and efficiently. And when high volumes are called for, the optional cut-sheet feeder (CSF) helps to further enhance productivity. Plus, two interfaces and two emulations ensure hardware/software compatibility. So whatever the challenge, Seikosha's SP-2415 AI is your perfect partner.

Paper parking

A great time-saver when switching from fanfold to letterhead. Another advantage of this push tractor design is the one-inch tear off, which prevents paper waste.

User-friendly operation

All controls, including the power switch, are located on the front panel for convenience. Pitch and margin selection is carried out simply by moving the printhead to the position indicated on the top cover. A pull on the bail lever initiates autoloading.

Tailored output

Besides offering 5 NLQ fonts (Sans-serif, Courier, Prestige, Gothic and Script), the SP-2415 AI provides a choice of Pica, Elite, condensed and proportional pitches - with or without justification. Character attributes include bold, italic, double-width, double-height, and underscore.


A choice of either EPSON ® or IBM® emulations (selected by DIP switch) ensures compatibility with your applications software.

Built-in buffer

Enhancing performance is the 17.5-Kbyte print buffer (EPSON emulation). Also, up to 256 characters can be downloaded.

Centronics parallel and RS-232C serial interfaces

Both interfaces are standard, and the connectors are recessed to prevent the printer cable from obstructing the paper supply.

Two-way loading

Paper can be either tractor - or friction-fed. An automatic cut-sheet feeder is available as an option

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PO Box 5142, Reading RG7 1ZQ
Tel +44 118 988 7300 Fax +44 118 988 7301

Print Technology   9-pin dot matrix printer
Print direction   bi-directional (text)
Print speed 15 cpi
12 cpi
10 cpi
10 cpi
300 cps Super Speed Draft
240 cps Speed Draft
200 cps Draft Pica
50 cps NLQ Pica
Line feed pitch   1/6", 1/8", n/216"
Emulations   EPSON ® FX-1050 IBM® ProPrinter IIXL
Print buffer   17,5 Kbyte (EPSON ® mode),
6,0 Kbyte (IBM ® mode)
Resident fonts   5: Courier, Prestige, Gothic, Script, Sans-serif
Character sets
Download characters
  ASCII, IBM® I +II, Italic and graphics
max.(256 depending on emulation)
Attributes   Italic, condensed, bold, double-strike, double-width, double-height, double width x double-height, superscript, subscript, overscore, underscore
Paper feed   Friction or push tractor, Paper parking
Paper path
  Rear (fanfold), top (cut sheet),
semi autom, cut-sheet-feeder
full autom. cut-sheet-feeder
Paper weight   53 to 81 g/qm
Paper size
Cut sheet
  4,5" to 16" (width)
A4, B5, Letter, Legal, B4
Multipart forms   Original plus 2 duplicates (total thickness <0,2 mm)
Interface   Centronics parallel and RS-232C
Ribbon type
ribbon SP-24551
3 million characters
Printhead life   100 million characters (MCBF)
Optional accessories   full autom. cut-sheet-feeder
Power supply   AC 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
38 watts
16 watts
Dimensions (W x H x D) 525 x 212 x 287 mm
Weight   4.2 kg (9.3 lbs)
SEIKOSHA reserves the right to change Specifications without prior notice.
IBM® is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp.
EPSON® is a registered trademark of S. EPSON Corporation.

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