PCI 32 BIT USB 2 Port Card

PCI 32 BIT USB 4 Port Card

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PCI 32 BIT USB 4-Port Card

PCI 32 BIT USB 2-Port Card

Appealing to upgraders and system builders these cards are easy to install and can both extend the life of older PC's, or extend the capabilities of new System builds. Add USB connectivity to pre USB computers, or extend the USB capabilities of newer PC's at a remarkably low cost. The card can be specified with 2 or 4 USB ports all supporting the usb v1.1 specification. These are extremely useful when adding External USB devices, such as mice, keyboards, printers, Video camcorders, modems etc. to a base system. AVD also supply a range of USB cables and convertors incl. USB to Parallel Printer Convertor , USB to RS-232c Serial , USB Network link cableUSB Data cable , USB to Ethernet convertor , and standard USB-A to USB-B cables.

  1. Bus Interface : 32-bit PCI Bus

  2. Features :
    1. Bridges PCI Bus and the Universal Serial Bus (USB)
    2. USB device bandwidth of up to 12Mb/s
    3. Optimized Logic design for highest bus bandwidth
    4. Wide range of packet sizes for maximum range of device buffering options
    5. Full support of real time dynamic insertion and removal of devices
    6. Multiple transfers of data and message streams between host and devices
    7. Isochronous, bulk, interrupt and control transfer types over the same wires
    8. Supports up to 127 devices (concurrent operation)
    9. Complies with OpenHCI 1.0, USB 1.1, PCI local bus 2.2 specifications
    10. Designed for PCI Based 486, Pentium or P6 motherboards
    11. Compatible with other leading platforms, including Power PC, Alpha, MIPS & virtually all Unix RISC-based computing platforms
    12. Supports all USB compliant peripherals (e.g. keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.)
    13. Supports legacy keyboards and mouse devices

  3. Connector :
    1. 2 x USB connectors (Model USBOPT1861-3)
    2. 4 x USB connectors (Model USBOPT1862-1)