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24-pin wide-carriage dot matrix printer

Sophisticated Features

Simple Operation

Speed. Quality. Versatility. The demands haven't changed, but the technology has. Dot matrix printers have come a long way, and Seikosha's innovative SL-270 AI is setting the pace. Its 24-pin printhead assures crisp, letter quality output and finely detailed graphics. And, quiet though it is, the SL-270 AI can cruise through heavy-duty printing jobs at up to 324 cps. A choice of two emulations ensures compatibility with leading software packages, while the 9 resident fonts enable you to add that professional touch to your documents. Single- and dual- bin cut-sheet-feeders (CSF) are also available as optional equipment.

Function card

A world first. This slim, plug-in card replaces the bewildering rows of DIP switches found on conventional printers. There's no need to look at the manual just to change print parameters since everything is explained on the card. One card per user speeds office work.


Three dial switches on the front panel make it easy to set paper size, font, character pitch and quality (Draft or LQ). The pushbutton controls and indicators are grouped on the right for greater convenience.

Two-way loading

Dot matrix printers are renowned for their versatility: they can accomodate a greater variety of paper sizes and types (single sheet, fanfold, multipart forms) than laser printers, but the SL-270AI goes even further. When equipped with the optional dual-bin CSF, it can handle both continuous form and single-sheet stock with amazing dexterity - thanks to paper parking and autoloading.

Tear off

Pushbutton tear-off speeds work and avoids waste by automatically aligning paper perforations with the tear bar. And the automatic bail control enables printing to start just 7mm from the leading edge.

Visible line feed

This welcome function pauses printing and feeds the paper to allow on-the spot proofing. Printing resumes as soon as the button is released.

High-speed skip

Speeds up printing of charts, tables, etc.

64 KB buffer (opt.)

Liberates your computer for other work.

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Tel +44 118 988 7300 Fax +44 118 988 7301


Print method 24-pin impact dot matrix
Print direction bidirectional
Print speed 324 cps (Elite, Draft), 108 cps (Elite, LQ)
270 cps (Pica, Draft), 90 cps (Pica, LQ)
Throughput 84 lines / minute (Pica, Draft 136 columns)
Line feed spacing/inch 1/6, 1/8, n/360
Emulations EPSON® LQ 1050, IBM® Proprinter XL24
Print line 136 columns at 10 cpi
Graphics Resolution 360 x 360 dpi max.
Print buffer 10 KB (std.); 64 KB plug-in module (opt.)
Resident fonts Courier 10, Gothic 12, Orator, Prestige Elite,

Script, OCR-A, OCR-B, S. Roman, SH

Character sets

Download characters

Standard ASCII, IBM® extended character sets I + II, International (17 sets) {IBM® DOS 3.3 and OS/2 code pages}
128 (A mode), 256 (I mode)
Attributes Italic, condensed, bold, double-strike, double-width, double-height, super/subscript, justified, underlined
Horizantal pitch control 10, 12, 15, 17, 20 cpi
Paper feed Push tractor, friction, CSF (opt.)
Paper path Standard

Rear (fanfold), top (cut sheet),
semi autom. cut-sheet-feeder (standard)
full autom. cut-sheet-feeder (1-bin and 2-bin)
Paper weight 50 to 80 g / mì
Paper size Fanfold
Cut sheet
4 - 16 inch (width)
max. A3 landscape
Multipart forms Original plus 3 duplicates (total < 0.3 mm)
Dual interfaces Centronics parallel and RS-232C (serial)
Ribbon Fabric or multistrike film (opt.)
Printhead life 300 million dots/pin
Optional accessories Cut-sheet feeders (1-bin and 2-bin), function card, 64 KB print buffer, multistrike film ribbon, pull tractor
Power supply 120 VAC / 60 Hz or
220 - 240 VAC / 50 Hz versions
Power - self-test
consumption standby
Draft 50 watts
16 watts
(W x H xD)
606 x 127 x 350 mm
{23-7/8 x 5 x 13-3/4 in.}
Weight 11 kg approx. (24.3 lbs)
Acoustics 55 dBA or less
IBM® is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
EPSON® is registered trademark of S- EPSON Corporation.
These Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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