Video Printers

Model Video Width Interfaces Speed No. of
VP-1200 Direct Thermal A6 C 2.9 sec N/A
VP-1500II Direct Thermal A6 C/R 3 sec N/A
VP-4500 Direct Thermal A4 C/R 16 sec N/A
Model Colour Width Interfaces   No. of
CH-620V Thermal Transfer A4 R N/A
CH-630V Thermal Transfer A3 R N/A
CH-820V Thermal Transfer / Dye-Sublimation A4 R N/A
CH-830V Thermal Transfer / Dye-Sublimation A3 R N/A


Interface Codes used:

S = Serial RS232
P = Centronics Parallel
A = Appletalk / RS422
E = Ethernet
C = Composite Video
Interfaces with brackets indicate chargeable options.