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KH88 - 8 Port High Density KVM Switch
The first adjustable front panel KVM Switch by Altusen
Modernize your network management by controlling up to 8 servers from one KH88 KVM Console. Altusen's KH88 is equipped with eight hotplug-gable ports for easy server room management...


KN9116 - 16 Port KVM over the NET
No boundaries to your server control
The KN9116 is a practical and affordable management solution for data centers where a large number of servers exist. It is ideal for a network administrator that must have 24/7 server room access...

KL-0116 KVM LCD Console Switch

The KVM LCD console is your ideal network management solution. It combines a 16 port KVM switch, keyboard, 15" LCD display, and touchpad into a neatly arranged, 1U high rack-mountable drawer


KW-1000 Wireless KVM Control
The KW1000 is a control unit that uses the TCP/IP and IEEE 802.11b protocols to allow administrators to remotely monitor and access their computer/server installations wirelessly.


IP9001 pcIP card "PC on a card"
The IP9001 is a pci card that provides remote access to your server should it go down. With the IP9001 you can check the event log, the health of your machine, reset it, or power it on and off.


8 or 16 Port Serial Over the Net (SN0108/SN0116)
8 or 16 Port Serial Over the Net
The SN0108 Serial over the NET™ is a control unit that provides remote serial access to up to eight servers or other serial IT devices.

2 x 16 or 4 x 32 Port Multi User KVM Matrix Switches
 (KM-0216 / KM-0432)
4 Console, 32 Server KVM Switch
Matrix Switch for reliable server room control

The KM0216 KVM Switch is a control unit that provides up to 2 Consoles to control 16 servers.

The KM0432 represents the most practical method for controlling large numbers of servers. Four users can directly control 32 computers. Up to 4096 servers with Daisy Chaining! 

Power over the NET (PN9108)
Power over the NET
The PN9108 Power over the NET™ is a control unit that provides remote power management for eight AC outlets via a TCP/IP connection.

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